Families and preschool - a supportive partnership


I believe that our families are our partners and a preschool is a living community. Here are some encouraging words from Pereena, an engaged parent!

“We moved from Sydney, Australia to Singapore in 2010 when my son, Kitaan was 4 years old. That was my first time being a stay at home mum, after a lengthy career in planning in the retail industry.

When I started searching for a preschool, the most crucial factor was to enrol my child in a school that provided balance holistically and an environment where the children were happy. Rupal was the principal of the preschool then and I found her to be an open, honest individual, always ready to listen to parents' feedback. She was keen for parental involvement and instrumental in establishing the Parents Support Group.

During these meetings, events and activities were planned for the children and teachers, and general feedback from parents was discussed. Rupal does not shy away from issues but tackles them head on.She was pivotal in my decision to enrol Kitaan.The reason being she understood that I was unsure how long we’d be living in Singapore and agreed that he could initially attend 3 days a week as long as they were fixed. 

The preschool Rupal was heading then, appealed to me because of its multiple intelligences approach to learning i.e. Little Chef classes, Music and Art. I liked that it was holistic, and it provided an opportunity for Kitaan to immerse himself in various art forms. Additionally, attending a dual medium preschool provided my son with a solid foundation for primary school, and has given him an advantage for life. I am excited to know that the preschool she has set up now, will have these programmes which are so beneficial to the children. I'd like to wish Rupal all the best in her new venture and have no doubt that she will be successful.” 

Rupal Arora